Lincoln Public Schools 21-Day AIDE Challenge

Welcome to the Lincoln Public Schools inaugural 21-Day AIDE Challenge -- we hope you join us!

The AIDE 21-Day challenge starts on February 13 and ends on March 12 with a one week break starting on February 20. Use the Navigation Menu to explore the topics for each day.

What is this challenge and why are we doing it?

In our district, AIDE stands for Antiracism, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity. Each year, we create various opportunities for professional learning, conversation, and action around AIDE. This year, we've created an experience that will allow our full community to join us. Many of us have participated in 21-day challenges before in our life, in which we commit to doing one small thing each day for 21 days to build a habit. This challenge is built around topics connected to AIDE and has been created specifically for LPS by a diverse group of faculty and administrators. We believe that in order to become and maintain being a district in which AIDE thrives, all members must commit to their ongoing growth in learning and awareness -- and we believe that there is power when we engage in learning together. 

How do I do the challenge? How is each day organized?

Each day is organized around a topic related to AIDE. We fully acknowledge there are far more than 21 topics that relate to AIDE and we expect to rotate and evolve topics each year. In addition, we have only selected a small portion of content and it is by no means exhaustive. To complete the challenge, each day pick just ONE piece of content. We've included three kinds:

We recognize that some days each of us have more or less time, so we've included short, medium, and longer choices. Some of the content are considered "old classics" that you may have seen before -- and others are recent pieces. Some are explicitly created for White readers and others speak directly to people of color or specific racial groups. Our hope is that we've curated enough content that meets folks where they're at and leads them to more learning that helps expand their thinking. 

At the bottom of each day we've also highlighted a set of reflection questions, and an action, song, poem, and piece of art for the day. Every 7th day is a pause and reflect day.

Important things to know

21-Day AIDE Challenge Curators

Together, the three faculty and two administrators below worked together to create our district's inaugural 21-Day AIDE Challenge.

Michael Chin

Becca Fasciano

Claudia Fox Tree

Marika Hamilton

Jess Rose

Community partners participating in the challenge alongside LPS

Lincoln School Foundation

METCO Coordinating Committee & Lincoln PTO

LPS School Committee

Lincoln Public Library

Town of Lincoln Parks and Rec

Hanscom Air Force Base



First Parish

Lincoln Nursery School

Lincoln Common Ground

Mass Audubon Metro West Region

Town of Lincoln Offices


Codman Farms

Lincoln Police Department


Lincoln Select Board

The Lincoln Public Schools are on the unceded territory of the Pautucket and Massa-adchu-es-et peoples and we recognize them as the past, present and future stewards of this land.