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LPS Staff can click here to see the Guidebook to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

A community version is coming soon!

We All Belong

In Lexington Public Schools, we celebrate the diverse identities that make up our school community and actively embrace the benefits that come from learning from and with people who differ from us. As indicated in our recent Strategic Plan, our first core value is "We all belong." We are inclusive of all people, and we embrace and serve one another. We are dedicated to working toward mutual understanding of all cultures, backgrounds, identities, ideas, beliefs, learning styles, and abilities that are different from our own. In our community, we all bring unique skills, perspectives, and experiences. We create a safe and supportive learning environment when we work to ensure that everyone is honored and respected.

This portion of our district website provides information and resources from the office of Equity & Student Supports, which works to ensure learning opportunities and systems that are fair and just for all students, staff, and families.

The Lexington Public Schools reside upon the traditional lands of Indigenous people. We believe it is important to acknowledge the indigenous people who first occupied all of what is now called North & South America. Some still live on their original land, some were relocated, some were enslaved across the ocean, and many, if not all, were victims of genocide.

We specifically acknowledge the Massachusett Tribe, the tribe of Indigenous peoples from whom the Colony, Province, and Commonwealth of Massachusetts have taken their name. We pay our respects to the ancestral bloodline of the Massachusett tribe and their descendants who still inhabit historical Massachusett tribe territories to this day.

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Office of Equity & Student Supports

LPS Central Office Building146 Maple StreetLexington, MA . 02420(781) 861-2580 x68052

Johnny Cole, Director


Susie Chin,
Administrative Assistant


Whether you're a staff member or a community member, just beginning your journey in understanding equity or a lifelong learner, click here if you're wondering where to start or continue your own learning around creating a more equitable education for our students.