Most technical issues can be resolved by trying the items listed below.

• Make sure STB is plugged into a working electrical outlet and power cord is securely plugged into back of STB.

• Press and release the STB power button on the remote and confirm the green power square is lit.

• You see a snowy, black screen or No Signal message. Make sure that your TV is tuned to the correct input that the STB is connected to. You may need to use your original TV remote to tune to the correct TV input for the STB by using the Input, Source or TV/Video button.

• Try changing to a different channel on the STB by pressing and releasing the channel Up/Down buttons.

• Unplug the power cord from the back of the STB or from your electrical outlet for at least 10 seconds and then plug it back in. Please try some of the basic troubleshooting steps listed above before contacting technical support

How to Use your DVR

Watch Programs Recorded on the DVR

1. Press My DVR button

2. Select “Recordings”, Press OK

3. Select Program to Watch, press OK

4. Select Play Recording

Check Programs Scheduled to Record

1. Press My DVR button

2. Select “ To Record”, press OK

3. Choose Program to Check, Press ok

Schedule an Event to Record or Create a Series Recording

1. Press My DVR button

2. Select “Schedule Event”, press ok

3. Select channel to record

a. Select ok to change, and then use your arrow buttons at the top to change the channel.

b. Press Ok

c. Use arrow buttons to go to the time and so on

4. Select amount of time for the recording

5. Select date of the recording

6. Select time the recording is to begin

7. Select recording, Auto‐Tune, or Reminder

8. Select Single, Weekly, Every M‐F or every day.

9. Press OK to complete

Check Recorded Programs History

1. Press My DVR button

2. Select “Record History”, press OK

Record from the Guide

1. Press Guide

2. Select program to record, press ok

3. Select “Record Program”

4. Or if you want series, select “Record Series”

To put closed captioning on your tv.

1. Push the Menu button on your remote

2. Move Arrow buttons until you find Settings, push the OK/SELECT button on your remote.

3. Enter 1 for the password, move arrow button down to ok.

4. Use arrow button to move over to Hardware Settings.

5. Use arrow button to move up to Closed Caption, push ok/Select

6. Arrow up to Closed Caption.

7. Place a check mark in 3 boxes.

8. Save Changes

9. Goes to next screen and Click OK on Exit Preferences

Resetting Your Linksys Router Password

Press and hold the reset button on the router for 10 seconds. The router lights may flash before the 10 seconds are up. While pressing the reset button, unplug the router, hold for another 10 seconds. Release the reset button and plug the router back in.

After this is complete, there shouldn’t be any password to get on. Therefore your router is UNSECURE!!

Open the internet on your pc and type into the address bar in order to access the router set-up. The log on is Admin and the password is Admin.

Go into security and set up your new password. DON’T FORGET TO WRITE IT DOWN FOR FUTURE REFERENCE!

How to Program Remote to TV