Welcome to our Electric & Water Services!


Lenox Municipal Light and Power receives its wholesale power from three sources. Approximately 60% of Lenox’s power requirements are supplied from Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) with power coming from dams along the Missouri River. Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO) provides 30% of our power. The remaining 10% comes from the city owned 750 kW wind turbine, which was installed in 2003.

We promote Green Energy and are proud to be able to generate wind energy. In addition, we have emergency generators in house. We also participate in the CIPCO Energy Efficiency Program, which provides our customers with rebates for installation of certain energy efficient electrical appliances. See the link at the bottom of this page for fillable rebate forms.

Lenox Municipal Water Works has served the residents of Lenox since 1913. Our goal is to serve the Lenox community with reliable, quality drinking water, with service in a prompt courteous manner at competitive rates, while generating sufficient income for infrastructure improvements.

Lenox Municipal Water Works purchases its water from Southern Iowa Rural Water Association. However, we own and maintain the service locally. We have two water towers and have run new water lines in many parts of the city.