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Rayma C. Page Elementary School

Rayma C. Page Elementary proudly offers a variety of activities and clubs, including choir, dance, strings, drama, flute, chess, and Odyssey of the Mind.

Elf Jr. The Musical

This December, our clubs will join forces to present Elf Jr., The Musical. 

The RCP Choir, Dance Club, Drama Club, Violin Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, and Stage Crew will all be involved with this very fun and festive production! 

Date and further details released ASAP. 

Elf Jr. FAQ's

Choir starts Sept 7. Everything else starts the week of Sept 11. 

They can sign up all week, through Friday August 26. 

Choir and dance will be a huge part of Elf. There are plenty of minor roles, which will be chosen from the choir members. 

Students can join as many clubs as they wish (violin and choir, for example) and we will do our best to have them perform with their groups during Elf - but be aware that they might need to choose which club(s) they will perform with for the show. (Example: A child is in choir, drama, and strings - and as a lead role. They can learn violin along with the group, but for the performance it will be nearly impossible to be the lead and also perform the violin songs between scenes, when they also need to change costumes and props in a short amount of time.) 

Lead roles:

The lead roles will likely be chosen from the drama club. This is not set in stone though, depends on how all the cards fall.

Students hoping for a lead role are encouraged to join both drama and choir, as the leads are a part of nearly all of the ensemble songs. They can then practice their lines at drama club and their songs with the choir. 

Lead roles will need teacher approval, as there is a significant amount of memorizing and practicing - want to ensure that those kiddos aren't biting off more than they can chew.

Performing Arts Activities

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