Summer School Information

Summer School Information for 2019

For Leander ISD 6th/7th/8th Grade Students Needing to Recover Credit

Location: TBA

Dates: Session I- TBA (Middle School Course Recovery ONLY)

Times: 8:00-1:00- Monday-Friday

Cost: FREE, if required to attend

Online Registration begins TBA. Please do not register until you have spoken with your child's Counselor. There will be no refunds!!!!

For Current 8th Grade Students Wanting to Earn High School Credit

Location: TBA

Dates: Session I-TBA

(Algebra 1A, Spanish 1A, Spanish IIA, Art 1A, and World Geography A)

Session II- TBA

(Algebra 1B, Spanish 1B, Spanish IIB, Art 1B, and World Geography B)

Times: 8:00-1:00- Monday-Friday

Cost: $185 per session (A=Semester 1, B=Semester 2)

In-District Transportation $60 (per student/per session)

*Student is required to sign up for both sessions.

*Courses taken for High School credit will count towards the student's high school GPA.

*8th grade students taking a math course for original credit must still take three (3) state math credits in grades 9-12.

*8th Graders choosing to earn high school credits MUST receive approval from their current counselor.