Counseling Services Calendar

Important Dates 2017-18


23rd 6th Grade Open House 6:30

28th First Day of School

31st 7th and 8th Grade Open House 6:30


1st Team Assemblies - All students will meet with their grade level AP and Counselor to discuss student conduct, bullying (David's Law), as well as, how to locate Anonymous Alerts from the website.

25th HEROES Mentor program begins


2nd Fall Counseling groups begin

16th PALS Program begins

16th-20th 6th and 7th Grade Counseling Lessons

20th 6th Grade Off Campus PE (OCPE) applications due, Spring semester only

25th-30th 8th Grade Counseling Lessons


1st Counseling groups continued

6th Deadline to register for December Exam for Acceleration

6th-10th 8th Grade Counseling Lessons

13th-17th 6th and 7th Grade Counseling Lessons

20-24th Thanksgiving Break


1st Counseling groups continued

4th-6th Exam for Acceleration

20th Winter break begins


4th Second semester classes begin

8th Spring Counseling groups begin

15th MLK Day

22nd-26th 8th Grade Counseling Lessons

30th IB Parent Night at Leander High School 6:00 pm


1st Counseling groups continued

2nd 9th Grade Course Registration

5-7 6 Grade Counseling Lessons

12-14 7 Grade Counseling Lessons

12th Deadline to register for March Exam for Acceleration

13th 9th Grade Course Registration 1:1 with CPHS Counselors

19th Staff Development/Student Holiday

20th IB Parent Night at Vandegrift 6:00 pm

26th 5th Grade Parent Night 6:30 pm


1st-2nd 5th Grade Visits

March 1st- Deer Creek, Westside, Faubion

March 2nd- Cypress, Naumann

5th Counseling groups continued

5th- 7th Exam for Acceleration

12th-16th Spring Break


1st Counseling groups continued

10th 7th grade Writing STAAR

8th grade Math STAAR

11th 8th grade Reading STAAR

7th grade PACE Math STAAR

17th 6th Grade Course Registration for Next School Year

18th 7th Grade Course Registration for Next School Year

20th ACTFL Exams for 7th and 8th graders wanting to earn foreign language HS credit


1st Counseling groups end

14th 6th and 7th grade Math STAAR

8th grade Math STAAR Retest

15th 6th and 7th grade Reading STAAR

8th grade Reading STAAR Retest

16th 8th Science STAAR

17th 8th Social Studies STAAR


8th Last Day of School (Early Release)

Off Campus PE Applications due to Counelor by 4:00pm (for the 2018-19 school year)

13th-14th Exam for Acceleration

18th-19th Exam for Acceleration