CPHS Counseling Services

Welcome to the Cedar Park High School Counseling Services page!

Counselors are on break until July 25th.


Families new to CPHS will need to make a registration appointment with the Registrar for August 2 or August 6. You can email now, and the Registrar will get back to you in mid-July when she returns to campus.

Schedule Changes

If this email is a regarding a schedule change request, please click on this link and submit the request. From this point forward, schedule changes via phone or email will not be accepted. We have limited space in electives and want to make sure they’re handled on a first come basis. THE FINAL DEADLINE TO REQUEST CHANGES IS AUGUST 6 AT 11:59 P.M.

Summer School

Please reach out to the Summer School Office at 512-570-0288 with any questions regarding summer school. The first session runs from June 18-July 3 and session 2 is July 11-27. Summer School is at Vista Ridge this year. Students who fail a course for the semester, can take that 1 semester of the course in summer school. Students who fail a course for the whole year have the possibility of year-long averaging through summer school.

Class of 2018

Request your final transcript via Parchment. Choose “hold for grades” and we will process transcripts as soon as they’re ready. LISD is also offering post-grad help to 2018 grads who run into roadblocks over the summer, or need additional assistance with next steps. Please see the website for details.

Class of 2019

Join Mrs. Hexter, Mrs. Hollander, and some local admissions reps. on July 18 from 10 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. for an application boot camp. Bring your essays and laptop. A similar event will be held at Vista Ridge High School on August 6 at 10:00 A.M. Transcript requests for college admission will be processed beginning on August 1st. Please wait to order college transcripts until you have submitted your application. If you want to withhold your rank, please email Mrs. Howard your withhold rank form prior to placing your transcript requests.

Have a great summer!

About Our Department

The Counseling Department doors are always open to parents and students to help meet your needs. Some of the specific services offered by the department are below, but please never hesitate to come to us first if you have a question or need direction. We are here to support you any way we can.

College and career planning

    • We will meet with your students each year to focus on current goals to keep students on track for success.
    • We ask that parents take part in a yearly one-on-one conference with the Counselor and student to discuss student progress and future plans. - Details coming soon!

Academic planning

    • Counselors will meet with each student individually in late fall / early spring to plan for the next year.

Responsive services

    • Students in crisis can seek support through the Counseling Office and counselors will work with families to provide the appropriate resources based on individual cases.

Social/Emotional support​

    • Whether it is a conflict with a friend or a death in the family, the counselors are here to support students and families as needed.

Providing resources

    • ​The answer may not always be at the school, but we can direct families and students to the resources that will need their needs.

We encourage students to self-advocate prior to parent intervention. Parents can support their student in this by discussing what steps they should take to seek support for their needs. Please contact us with any questions that you may have.