Classroom: Lab 7/ A-214

Contact me at: (fastest response time) or call 570-1268.


A day:

1st- Credit Recovery


2nd- Journalism/Analysis of Visual Media

3rd- Yearbook Independent Study

4th- Conference

B day:

5th- Photojournalism


6th- Newspaper

7th- Yearbook

8th- Conference

My name is Paige Hert and this is my seventh year at Cedar Park High School. I am a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin College of Communications as well as a Leander ISD graduate! I am looking forward to helping my students create an amazing yearbook and my goal for newspaper is to increase the traffic on The Wolfpack news site! I want to help my photojournalism students learn to love photography as much as I do and I want my journalism students to learn as much as they can about journalism and want to continue learning by joining one of our student media programs on campus.

My husband and I live in Liberty Hill and have 2 beautiful children. When I'm not at school, I am usually shuttling them between baseball, football and volleyball or helping them feed steers, sheep or other animals at our house. Our family enjoys watching football (particularly Longhorn football), visiting with family and friends and spending time at our ranch in San Saba.