Conway JH/HS Counseling Center

Rebecca Strubbe, JH/HS Counselor

Mrs. Strubbe is a graduate of Laclede Co. R-1 Schools and loves being a Conway Bear. She has been an educator for 21 years and this is her 13th year as a school counselor. Follow Mrs. Strubbe on Twitter and Instagram: @BearCounselor

Barbie, School Therapy Dog

Meet Barbie, the Laclede County R-1 School Therapy Dog. Barbie's handler and owner is Mrs. Strubbe. Barbie was selected and then trained, one-on-one, for around 20 months to become a school therapy dog. She is 5 years old and has been working for close to 3 1/2 years. She loves belly rubs, her students and staff, and long naps.

CHS Counseling Program and Activities

The counseling program at Laclede County R-1 Schools is designed to assist your child in making the most of his/her educational experiences. As your child’s counselor, I am here to assist your student with his/her emotional well-being, academic progress, and personal/social development.

I offer a wide array of services. The following specific activities are a sampling of the services I offer to students:

  • Classroom lessons related to career exploration and academic success
  • Academic Counseling
  • Parent/Student Consultation
  • Peer Mediation
  • College/Career Counseling
  • Social/Emotional Counseling

My office hours to see parents are Monday-Friday, 7:45 am-3:45 pm.

I look forward to working with your student throughout their secondary school experience.

Mrs. Strubbe