At School

At school you can use Mobility Print. As long as you are at Potomac Falls & linked to the LCPS-secure wireless, you'll be able to send something to the printer. The only printer set up for students is the black & white copier in the library.

    1. Go to print as you usually would
    2. Change the Destination to See more...
    3. Select PFH-Follow-Me-Print or PFH-LIB, whichever your device lists. It'll have a green icon saying Mobility Print.
    4. Click Print, and enter in your username & password.
    5. Go to the library copier to release your job. It will not print until you go there & enter your username/password. Instructions are posted by the copier.

The first time students print, they need to exit out of the print screen and re-queue the job while in the library. Once they have printed, they don't need to go through that process again.

NOTE: Document will print TWO-SIDED unless you click More settings and uncheck Two-sided

At Home

If you have a printer at home, you may be able to set up your Chromebook to print to it. You'll be using Cloud Printing. The printer must be cloud-ready and connected to wifi. Here are instructions.