Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

An Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) supports the curriculum that a student with a handicap, social maladjustment or learning difficulty is following. It outlines the strategies being used to help address the student’s specific identified needs. - See section 96.14

This plan is created with short and long term goals to help measure the effectiveness of the interventions used to help your child in their school life.

Who is involved in the IEP process?

The development of the I.E.P. is a team process, which involves the principal, the parents/guardians, the staff working with the student and (where appropriate) the student. The parents/guardians are the constant in the child’s life and have invaluable understanding of the child’s developmental story and social and physical development. Although the principal is responsible for the implementation and periodic evaluation of the I.E.P., it may be coordinated by a key professional involved with the child (e.g. classroom teacher, resource teacher) and may be facilitated by an aide or technician.

Providing your school with all relevant and updated supporting documentation prior to the creation of the I.E.P. may help them better prepare for your child’s current needs.

Communication is key!

IEP information Kit


IEP Information Pamphlet

SNAC IEP trifold pamphlet

Frequently Asked Question About I.E.P.s

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