About SNAC

Our Mission

SNAC’s mission is to support our parent / guardian community and advise the school board on policies for the organization of educational services that ultimately affect students with special needs. In addition, the Special Needs Advisory Committee provides information on resources within the Lester B. Pearson community.  We also hold information sessions for parents on research and strategies to help them support their children with special needs.

Our Composition

SNAC is represented by parents and professionals who want to make positive changes to the learning experience for our students. This dynamic team of volunteers represents the neurodiversity and other abilities represented in our board.

Parent member selection is held yearly at the start of the new school year during its Annual General Assembly at the school board's head office.

 SNAC Representation

When do we meet...

The Special Needs Advisory Committee meets monthly during the academic year at the LBPSB head office ( Dorval) 

Currently Virtual due to Covid.


Wednesday, April 26, 2023                                   6:30pm online