School Counseling

Welcome Back LaMotte Students!  

This new school year is already looking pretty exciting! New school being built and New Principal to get to know! I am confident all students will have a great time at school.  

As a School Counselor I meet with each class once a week. The K-5 grade students are receiving their Social Emotional Learning through the Second Step program. The Middle School students will also be using the Second Step program for Middle School aged learners. 

Please let me know if there's ever a time you'd like me to visit with your child on an individual basis. They all know that I have a locked mailbox in the hallway in which they can leave a note for me to check in with them if anything arises.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns at


Do you have a new Kindergarten starting this year?

Here are some helpful tools to make the transition a little easier: