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In the midst of COVID-19, we are continually working to find the best way to support our East LA Community Schools during this virtual learning environment. Although we understand that virtual learning and support doesn't compare to physically being present in the school, we remain committed to serving and supporting our schools now more than ever. We have created this virtual community center to share resources and information, and to keep students, families and staff connected.

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Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP) is a nonprofit organization that advances educational equity. Together with families, schools and the community, LAEP facilitates access to and opportunities for quality educational and wellness practices so that children thrive from diapers to diplomas.


LAEP envisions a world where empowered learning communities foster hope and opportunity for all.

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LAEP’s community schools model leverages and aligns community resources and school assets to build collaborative, problem-solving systems that address barriers to learning and create ways to address the opportunity gap. LAEP’s Community School Coordinators (CSC) work with educators, nonprofits, government agencies and businesses to transform the schools into hubs for integrated services for students and families, as well as culturally vibrant educational centers.

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