Trash Collection

Signing up with the designated exclusive trash and recycling service vendor in LBVE is easy!

  • Call Republic Services at (520) 745-8820.
  • Tell Customer Service you want to sign up for individual billing in La Buena Vida Estates in Tucson, Arizona at the special contracted rate. (It's important to mention Tucson ... there are other neighborhoods named La Buena Vida Estates in other parts of the state that are serviced by Republic, so be sure to designate La Buena Vida Estates in Tucson.)
  • The special contracted rate for the balance of calendar year 2017 is $11.50 per month, with quarterly billing to the individual homeowner. There is no charge for bin/container delivery or any other administrative fees charged to homeowners in LBVE.

You can read or download Republic Services' "sign up letter" at right. It contains additional critical information like pickup times.

During the last four months of 2016, members of the homeowners association (HOA) decided to allow for a single company to provide trash and recycling collection service in the neighborhood. HO Members voted by a 72% majority to amend the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) to permit the designation of a single vendor.

After the vote, a committee of property owners -- two board members and four non-board members, solicited proposals from the five companies in Pima County that provide trash and recycling service. After evaluation, Republic Services was awarded the contract for La Buena Vida Estates.

The point of the Trash Consolidation initiative is to reduce heavy garbage truck traffic from multiple companies stressing our roads with multiple heavy vehicles every day, to a single company driving the streets once per week. It will save the Association pavement maintenance costs while it also saves the Members money.