August 11, 2019- Road work is scheduled to begin on August 20th. Paving will begin at the intersection of Camino del Celador/Via Paco to approximately 5920 Calle de Ciervo. Please watch for workers, lane closures and follow posted signs.

Work is expected to be completed during the 2 day period.

"Green Asphalt" is a proprietary mixture, but essentially, it uses some portion of recycled waste tires and well as other substances to strengthen and extend the pavement life.

The substance's chief advantage is that it can be driven on almost immediately after rolling. Please drive carefully while work crews from Tucson Asphalt Contractors are in the neighborhood.

The HOA's five year roads master plan calls for both "loops" to be covered with "green asphalt" by 2021.

La Buena Vida Estates contains a little over three miles of privately owned streets and roadways along with associated culverts, drainage features, medians and traffic control signage. The roads are deeded to the HOA. Maintenance and repair is the total responsibility of the homeowners.

Our streets are below Pima County's standards and were deliberately designed and built that way by the original developer in the 1960s. Generally, anywhere from 89% to 92% of the annual assessment is spent on roads maintenance.

One of the first questions asked by new property owners is, "Why can't we get Pima County to take over the roads?" Our roads are too narrow to meet the county standard and widening them to meet that standard would cost in the millions. Second, the county requires subdivisions where it maintains roads to have two entrances or exits. LBVE has only the one entrance/exit to the west on Craycroft Road.