Requirements of Participants


MERIT is open to educators in the United States and a few select places in the program are reserved for international teachers.

Requirements of Participation

All MERIT Teachers complete the following requirements:

  1. Orientation: Saturday, May 12, 2018 (9:00a - 3:30p) => Accepted participants attend one 6-hour class on a Saturday in May. California residents are expected to pay Foothill College tuition fees for the course.
  2. Days 1-10 Summer Institute: Attend (and be on time for) all classes during the MERIT 2018 Summer Institute, July 9 through July 20; Monday-Friday, 8:30am-3:30pm at the Krause Center for Innovation, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022. The KCI will pay all tuition and academic fees for the 6-units of course credit earned in the Summer Institute for California residents.
  3. Complete online program evaluations and participate in interviews throughout the MERIT Program.
  4. Academic Year Program: Participate in 4 follow-up MERIT class days (Saturday dates TBD, typically September, October, January, February). These four sessions are really two one-credit unit courses, offered in Fall and Winter quarters; California participants pay the course fees.
  5. Extend Learning: Complete 1 unit of KCI FASTtech classes (different than the MERIT classes) in the fall and winter quarter (one 1-unit or two half-unit classes); California residents living outside of the San Francisco Bay Area can complete this requirement through online classes through our FASTtech courses. Alternately, you could complete all of the 2 units in either Fall or Winter quarters to fulfill the program requirements.
  6. Professional Learning Extension: Earn 100 or more MERIT PD Points for educational technology professional development above/beyond enrollment in KCI classes. See the MERIT Points document for an explanation of the points.
  7. Mentor colleagues on the use of educational technology (earns MERIT Points!)
  8. Make Projects Happen: Implement five (4) or more technology projects you design and develop as part of the MERIT program with your students.
  9. Evaluate and report on implemented projects.

MERIT Rewards

Upon completion of the MERIT Summer Institute, California participants will receive a $400 stipend (with apologies to International participants, who are not eligible to receive the stipend). When all academic year program requirements are completed, California participants will receive another $800 stipend in March of the following academic year. The total stipend of $1200 will be paid in two installments. Note: This may be taxable income for you. You should consult with a tax adviser for the implications on your particular financial situation.

MERIT Teacher Cost Sharing with the KCI

I'm sure you noticed the fees you are expected to pay for taking MERIT program classes. MERIT Teachers become partners with the KCI in providing a rich professional learning experience. The KCI will pay the course fees for 6-units of college credit earned during the two-week MERIT Summer Institute and the parking fees. These are quarter units, not semester units. Based on the Foothill College Winter 2017 fees ($52 once-per-quarter basic fee plus $31 per unit), California MERIT teachers are expected to pay:

  • 0.5 unit Spring MERIT Day 1 Class ($83 = 52 + 31)
  • 1 unit Fall MERIT follow-up class ($83)
  • 1 unit Fall FASTtech class(es) ($31, you don't pay the $52 basic fee again in the same quarter)
  • 1 unit Winter MERIT follow-up class ($83 = 52 + 31)
  • 1 unit Winter FASTtech class(es) of your choosing ($31, you don't pay the $52 basic fee again in the same quarter)
    • parking fees per car per day are $3

The estimated total cost for California residents to participate in the MERIT professional development experience is estimated at $350 plus parking fees. A real bargain, we believe this to be, for sure. For more information visit the Foothill College Fee Schedule