Things to Remember - Learning At Home

There are lots of activities that you can do at home with your children. We continue to find ourselves at home for periods of time due to the pandemic.

This is a historic event - children will remember this. Make it memorable for the right reasons. Life is full of holistic, real-life learning opportunities.

We realise that for some of you, Learning at Home may present some challenges. Nathan Wallis advises that learning at home is not a replica of learning at school - what we want is that children continue to love learning! Remember that play and having fun is vital. Nigel Latta reminds us that the most important thing for families during this time is to keep the home calm and settled, schoolwork should not add in fighting and anxiety. We keep our class sites updated. There are plenty of ideas and opportunities for learning.

Learning from home website

The government has put in place a site for all families to access whenever they are required to isolate at home.

This site has links to several sites that are suitable for children from pre-schoolers through to Year 8.