Our Programme for Year 7-8 Students

Our goal ... developing confident, enthusiastic and empowered learners.

Here at Kiwitea School we value quality learning opportunities, allowing our students to develop the skills to be excellent citizens, who have a desire to be the best they can be and have the skills to achieve this. Our passion is for Kiwitea students to strive to exceed their potential and to have the desire and skills for success at high school and beyond.

Year 7-8 students at Kiwitea School are fully involved in a rich authentic learning programme, which includes focussed literacy, mathematics, and integrated learning, both individually and collaboratively.

We are continually developing our Student Leadership Programme which provides further opportunities for our Senior Year 7 & 8 students to be challenged, grow and shine.

We focus on supporting students and nurturing and developing our 'Kiwitea Kids CARE' core values at Kiwitea School.

Leading students provide the staff and students with valuable support, ideas and student voice (and are fantastic role models for the younger students).

We work closely with the other schools in our Oroua Cluster to further grow our leaders.