Welcome Room 4 Learners and Families

We hope you are keeping well as we venture into learning at home...again!

Please use the hard pack that was sent home for written literacy and numeracy activities.

New activities have been added to this page - many of the literacy and math's activities are

interactive, so have a go!

Please note that most of the activities contain You Tube links, and supervision around cyber safety is recommended.

If you are well enough and able, it would be helpful if you could spend an hour a day with your child helping to maintain current concepts.

Once this site becomes active for students in Room 4, I will update the page in the weekends with new material.

Please contact me if I can help you in any way.

Seesaw is the best platform, otherwise rachael@kiwitea.school.nz


Do this daily

  • Practice writing your first name and last name.

Make the TALL letters TALL. Make the SHORT letters SHORT!

Are your letters sitting on/in the right part of the line?

  • Get some paper

  • Play the alphabet practice clip on the left

  • pause it after each letter then...

  • write the letter down

  • SAY the sound again

  • at the end highlight your best work like we do at school

Sound Pack Digital

Say the sound - then the picture



Read the number when it comes up. Down the right hand side there are several ways to play this game.

Get some paper and practice writing your numbers up to 10 or 20.

Remember numbers should be the same size!

Some tricks to remember

4 starts like an L

6 starts like a C

8 starts like an S

9 starts like an a

Prototec Basic Facts - click this link - Choose Stage 2-3

For Interest

**See the Scavenger Hunts in your hardpack**

Be creative - draw or make something

Try making a shadow monster

Make a playdoh tower

Get moving OR sing along

Extra Printables & Choice Boards

Home Learning Pack Year 1-2.pdf
Home Learning Choice Boards Free.pdf