Current Executive

Role of the Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee (“Executive”) manages the PAC’s affairs between general meetings. The Executive is composed of the following roles: Chair/Co-chairs/Past Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary, Co-Program and Events Liaisons, DPAC Rep and Members-at-Large. Executive members meet monthly as a group and more frequently in optional subcommittee groups, such as the committees for Traffic Safety, Communications and Staff Appreciation.

Your 2020/2021 PAC Executive is:

Co-chair: Michelle Robichaud, (Co-Chair position currently open)

Past Co-Chair: Anne-Caroline Damnon-Thuillier

Treasurer: Karen Mar

Secretary: Laura Glover

Co-Program and Events Liaison, Main: Trish Picker, Will McQueen, Andrea Chivers

Co-Program and Events Liaison, Annex: January Vandale, (Co-Chair position currently open)

District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) Representative: Michelle Robichaud

Members-at-Large: Shannon Fleming, Noushine Afshar, Julia Du, Rachel Hill