Beat the Burnout

A Teacher's Guide to Cultivating and Promoting Happiness


This site was created after reading an article on the Huffington Post Website titled "Teacher Burnout Is Real — 4 Ways to Avoid It".

As an educator, how often do you sit through the mental health and wellness portion of a staff meeting or professional development day and think, "I'm glad we had that talk, but I need more..."

Why is mental health and wellness treated as a professional development day topic instead of an on-going check-in? How can you prioritize your happiness and health every day, all day?

This website will help you understand happiness, provide you with intentional activities to cultivate and promote happiness, as well as equip you with the steps to improve staff wellness in your school and create an on-going conversation that is proven to continue over the summer and through life changes.

Join me on my journey as I BEAT THE BURNOUT!

“If 40% of our happiness is rooted in intentional activity, then precisely which activities or strategies can help you reach your desired level of well-being?”

- Sonja Lyubomirsky, The How of Happiness (2007), p. 69

“In almost every nation—from the United States, Greece and Slovenia to South Korea, Argentina and Bahrain—when asked what they want most in life, people put happiness at the top of their lists.”

-Sonja Lyubomirsky

Before you get to learning about the 40%, check out the resource below for more information.

The Teacher Burnout Assessment is a quick 8 question survey that provides you with warning signs and strategies once you are assessed.