(Rev. August 1, 2011)

Throughout the course of the school year we often field requests from individuals to visit our school. In an effort to minimize disruption to instruction and student learning and in order to facilitate a productive and enjoyable visit, we ask for your understanding and cooperation in following these guidelines. We hope you enjoy your visit.

· Advanced Notice: Visitors shall provide the Principal with notice to visit the school at least five school days in advance of desired visitation date. Visitors shall inform the Principal of the purpose of the visit.

· Sign in: Visitors need to sign-in at the main office and wear a visitor’s badge.

· Host: There will be a host to escort you throughout the duration of the visit.

· Not Allowed: Videotaping, picture-taking, or electronic recording is not permitted without written permission from the Principal.

· Remain in Designated Area: Visitor(s) shall remain in the area designated by the classroom teacher or host throughout the visit.

· Refrain from Interacting During Instruction: When visiting a classroom, we ask that you refrain from interacting with students and adults so as to minimize disruptions to student learning and classroom instruction and so as to comply with the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

· Refrain from Asking Teachers Questions During Instruction: Please refrain from approaching the teacher to ask questions to minimize disruption to instruction and student learning.

· 30 Minutes Max: This visitation shall be no more than 30 minutes unless otherwise approved by the Principal.

· One Visitor at a Time: Only one visitor at a time will be allowed to accompany your host at any one time, all other visitors will need to remain in the main office or a location designated by the Principal or designee.

· Principal’s Discretion: The Principal reserves the authority to deny requests to individuals if the Principal believes the FERPA may be compromised.