Student Travel

Pre-Travel Requirements Checklist

If your child is traveling Domestic/International (Trans Pacific) Travel please fill out our

  1. Online Student Travel Notification Form

  2. Inform your child’s teacher of the travel dates including the return date to Honolulu.

  3. Email to confirm student travel notification was received

Student travelers must follow all applicable state and county rules at the time of the trip, including compliance with any required quarantine periods.

There are three (3) options for students returning from out-of-state travel:

  1. Be fully vaccinated prior to the start of out-of-state travel and provide proof of vaccination to the school;

  2. Obtain a COVID-19 test AFTER return and submit a negative test result to the school; or

  3. Quarantine for 10 days after return.

Returning from a trip Checklist

  • Email and state whether child will meet either 1, 2, or 3 of the options above.

  • Our office staff will communicate the return date for your child based on the information you provide to the school.