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What do we believe?

Technology integration is the use of computer technology, be it hardware, software, or peripherals to enhance teaching and learning. Technology integration is defined not by the amount or type of technology used, but by how and why it is used. In the integrated classroom, technology is simply a tool like a chalkboard or textbook whose effective and appropriate use makes teaching and learning better.

Technology integration in JPS is:

  • students using technology to develop deeper meaning and understanding
  • students learning to understand and value their own work by using the tools, materials, and resources that technology can provide
  • students and teachers using technology to increase the novelty and variety of learning
  • teachers using technology to make learning meaningful, engaging, rigorous and relevant
  • teachers using technology to enhance and differentiate instruction and provide powerful learning opportunities for all students
  • teachers using appropriate technology to provide students with opportunities to explore and research and to apply learning to real world context.

In a truly integrated instructional environment, teachers and students have the tools, skills, training, and knowledge to determine when and how technology should be used, and when the use of technology in the classroom is so pervasive, it is not even noticed. It is a part of the routine and practice of teaching and learning.

Summer 2017 Professional Development

The Power of Data - July 26-28, 2017

The Power of Data Workshop - Hurry! Only a few spots left!

  • Participants will learn how to use geospatial Inquiry to enhance learning. It is sponsored by Northern Arizona University and the National Science Foundation and is limited to fifteen 6th-12th grade in-service teachers. Participants must attend a 35-hour blended learning workshop consisting of 5 days of face-to-face classes ( 3 days in July and 2 Saturdays to be announced in the fall) and homework. In addition, participants are to deliver a lesson, collect data and complete evaluation activities. Upon completion of all items, participants will receive a $400 stipend from Northern Arizona University. CEUs will be available for purchase.
  • NOTE: If you cannot commit to all items please do not register for the class. This is part of a research project and we must adhere to the grant guidelines in order for stipends to be paid.
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