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Welcome to the Valley High School Counseling Center's Website!

Our job is to be sure that you have all the information you need to succeed while in school and after you leave. You will find a number of tools on this website to help you graduate, maintain mental health, plan for college, explore careers, and contact your counselor. 

Feel free to call the counseling center, set an appointment in the office, or email us anytime! We are available to help you with whatever you may need. Contact information for our counselors can be found in the "Get to Know Your Counselor" section of this page as well as on the school's webpage.

You can get to our school's webpage by clicking the owl logo at the bottom of this page!

Contact the Valley High Counseling Center

Phone: (801) 572 - 7035

Get to Know Your Counselor

Alena Johnson (A-G)



2023 is Alena’s 10th year as a counselor and she is so excited to be a part of the Valley family! She attended both BYU and the University of Utah, but cheers for whichever team is playing best! Alena is an avid fan of Formula 1 Racing and wishes she could attend all of the races! If only she were rich! Instead, she enjoys camping with her family, riding in the side-by-side, and playing the piano.

Bonnie Farley (H-N)


Bonnie Farley taught Spanish and English for 11 years before becoming a school counselor. She's been in education for 22 years. Her favorite part of being a counselor at Valley is helping students see how amazing they are. She loves her crazy job! 

Stephanie Johnston (O-Z)

Stephanie Johnston has been a counselor for ten years, and has been mistaken for a student and gotten in trouble for being in the halls without a hall pass at almost every school she’s worked in. She loves adventure, Kit Kats, and worrying. She is passionate about suicide prevention and has worked with Hope4Utah, QPR, and the Utah Department of Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health to do suicide prevention trainings all over SLC and Utah County. She loves working at Valley, and feels like Valley students are some of the best in the state of Utah!

Need to make an appointment to meet with your counselor? Scan the QR code with your cell phone's camera or use the corresponding links. Remember, you do not need to make an appointment to meet with your counselor and are welcome to walk in any time!

Calendar and Important Dates


1st Quarter (Aug. 21 - Oct. 20)

2nd Quarter (Oct. 30 - Jan 12)

3rd Quarter (Jan. 17 - Mar. 22)

4th Quarter (Apr. 1 - May. 31)


1st Quarter - October 10, 2023

2nd Quarter - January 3, 2024

3rd Quarter - March 12, 2024

4th Quarter - May 21, 2024


Utah College Application Day - November 7, 2023

Virtual Learning

Are you considering going online to finish your education? Kings Peak High is a tuition-free online school for high school students in Utah. You can enroll now for the 2023-24 school year. Students have the option to enroll either full or part-time. You can find more information about Kings Peak Online High School by clicking on the following link: