duPont Manual's Mental Health Practitioner 

Elise Christensen, LCSW

I am the Mental Health Practitioner here at Manual/YPAS. Prior to working at Manual, I provided mental health therapy services at Seven Counties Services for 10 years. I obtained my Masters at UofL School of Social Work and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Here is a link for some basic self-care strategies to get you started!

24/7/365 Mental Health Care Coordination Service for Jefferson County Public Schools Students, Staff, and their Families

Getting help can be a daunting process. Let our Care Companions™ find the help you need for depression, anxiety, stress, and more. 

Mental Health Tip #1

Calm your body calm your mind


Mental Health Tip #2

Have an Attitude of Gratitude


Mental Health Tip #3

Spend Time in Nature



Mental Health Tip #4

Self-Soothe with a calming box

Mental Health Tip #5

Belly Breathing for Peace

Mental Health Tip #6

Using Calming Visualizations

Tip: Visualizations can help you accept and embrace the present as it is--right now. 

Tools: The following are some visualizations that can calm you during stressful times:

Mental Health Tip #7

Practice a Beginner’s Mind

Mental Health Tip #8

Take a Mindful Moment

Tip: Consciously practice present-centered acceptance to be less reactive to negative thoughts. 

Tools: These are some elements of how to calm yourself by mindful awareness: