Welcome to Third Grade with Ms. Orcutt

Curriculum Night 2018-2019

Here is my Curriculum Night Presentation for those of you who missed it.

Thank you!

Each Friday my newsletter will be available for viewing. You can find it by clicking on this link: Orcutt Newsletter


Best form of communication on a daily basis:

EMAIL: Paige.Orcutt@jeffco.k12.co.us

I will check voicemail each day and respond within 24 hours. You can call the school and they will link you through.

If you would like to talk about your child and his or her progress please schedule a conference with me. You can do this via email or by phone.



Healthy means different things to different people. We have snack in the afternoon. Please no drinks.


Long-term, or more than one or two days for being sick: Please see me for a "Vacation Journal" or other arrangements

One day or sick: I will send work home the following day and would appreciate it by the upcoming weekend. When at home, but able to work I would suggest:

  • read silently for 20 minutes
  • spend 20 minutes on RAZ kids
  • moby max language or vocab for 20 minutes
  • have an adult read to them for 20 minutes
  • read outloud for 10 minutes
  • practice multiplication math facts
  • write a letter to a family member
  • play prodigy for 20 minutes
  • spend 20 minutes on Moby Max math

Homework Headings

Classroom Economy: