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Homework Headings

9/27 Students should put a heading on their paper and use regular notebook paper for all assignments where the worksheet is not provided. There is a heading example in their homework folder and on top of the "Spelling Menu."

First Name Last Name #




***This should be done in the top right hand corner starting on the first line.

Classroom Economy:

9/4 We have begun! For this upcoming three day week students will be learning the rules, routine, and procedures of the classroom economy. How students earn money can be found here. How students may loose money can be found here. Finally "bonuses" and "rent" can be found here. Students keep their ledger and wallet (envelope with money) in their math folder in their desk. They log in all their money and record when they loose money. Ledgers are checked on Friday afternoons and if ledgers are correct those students can buy coupons to be used the following week (or they can save them if they wish). Prices range from 1-3 dollars and incentives include, switch jobs with a classmate, sit with a friend, use a clipboard, 5 minutes extra computer time, lunch with the teacher, wear pajamas to school, bring a stuffed animal, etc. All of these procedures have been explicitly taught and we will role play and review this week before the students are held accountable.


Healthy means different things to different people. We have snack in the afternoon. Please no drinks.

Class Points and Brownie System

We are a team in third grade. There are individual incentives and consequences, but as a class there are two positive reinforcers in place. First, if the class receives a compliment from an adult without being asked, they earn a "brownie point." Once their brownie trays are full, I will make the class brownies. Second, if students are doing what they are supposed to be doing without reminders from an adult, the class earns a point. If they need to be reminded or redirected or are not following classroom traditions, the teacher gets a point. If students have more points by Friday afternoon they earn an extra 20 minute recess ("Fun Friday").


Long-term, or more than one or two days for being sick: Please see me for a "vacation Journal"

One day or sick: I will send work home the following day and would appreciate it by the upcoming weekend. When at home, but able to work I would suggest:

  • read silently for 20 minutes
  • spend 20 minutes on RAZ kids
  • moby max language or vocab for 20 minutes
  • have an adult read to them for 20 minutes
  • read outloud for 10 minutes
  • practice multiplication math facts
  • write a letter to a family member
  • play prodigy for 20 minutes
  • spend 20 minutes on Moby Max math