Mr. Neyen

Summit Ridge Middle School Mathematics 

Teacher Information: Eric Neyen, MBA, MAE

Subject: MYP3 Math and MYP4 Algebra


Voice Mail: 303-982-4606 (email is better)

Syllabus: Professionalism Handbook (includes syllabus on page 2) 


My name is Eric Neyen. I have been a teacher since 2005. Before teaching, my most recent position was President/CEO of a technology company I founded (LINX) which is a 9 time Inc 500/5000 company. I have over 15 years experience in the information technology business working in positions from direct outside commercial sales to Chief Executive Officer. I hold a bachelor’s degree in marketing, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in finance, and a Masters Degree in Education (MAE), secondary education; business. I am certified to teach secondary mathematics and business. I am a retired Assistant Varsity Football Coach at Dakota Ridge HS and the current MS to HS transition coach for the high school football program. 

I have been teaching math in Jeffco since 2013. See what our stakeholders say about me here: Stakeholder Testimonials

The best way to reach me is through email: personal mobile number for voice or text is 720-982-3516.@coach9colorado: am also "LinkedIn" --

My Family

My Family

DRHS Class of 2016

DRHS Class of 2019

Black Hills State University

Class of 2020

University of Hawaii at Hilo

Class of 2024

My son and his wife

Helpful Links

Mr. Neyen's "Week Zero" presentations: Week 0 Class Orientation; Week 0; Week 0 Khan

Math 7 Notes  Helpful notes for solving 7th grade math problems to help you prepare for 8th grade math.

Desmos A best-in-class HTML5 Desmos graphing calculator, which millions of students around the world use for free.  

Geogebra  GeoGebra is dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. 

Virtual Nerd  A website for additional math skills knowledge

Math Playground  A great place to practice basic skills 

Free Rice ...allows players to donate rice to families in need by playing a multiple-choice quiz game.

Right Triangle Application  Students will be able to use the trigonometric functions sine, cosine, and tangent to solve right triangle problems so that we can solve similar problems in real life.