Using Video Effectively

Five Awesome Sites for Better Video Consumption

1. Crash Course -Merges a world history course with a biology course. Now have some psychology and literature as well. Fast-paced explanations are paired with awesome graphics to teach students complicated concepts. The videos are vocabulary rich, so teachers should provide students with time and space to absorb the information presented.

2. Veritasium -A channel of science and engineering videos featuring experiments, expert interviews, cool demos, and discussions with the public about everything science.

3. Numberphile -Videos about numbers. Period.

4. Youtube for Teachers -Saves time searching-Teachers can search by subject area -language arts, math, science and social studies, or by grade level - elementary, middle school and high school.

5. Khan Academy -No longer just a math tool-content in just about any subject you can think of with interactive practice.

Enable self-paced learning with interactive lessons- add your voice and questions along the video. Easily assign these quick and effective formatives to Google Classroom. Know if your students are watching your videos, how many times and see the answers they give. Multiple choice quizzes are graded automatically in the program.

Think about the many different uses for screencasting--teachers use it to explain tough concepts, then keep that on your website or Google Classroom for students to refer back to when needed. Students can use it for projects and assignments. ESL students can use it for speaking practice or students who convey ideas better through speech may choose it to complete assignments.

WeVideo empowers every learner to discover their voice and make an impact in their world. Easy to use video creation and editing platform promotes deeper learning while making it fun and easy for students to express their ideas with creativity and authenticity.

Student Examples:

Zapata (1).mp4
Pancho Villa.mp4