"Gamifiying" Your Class

—Gamification is the process of taking something students have to do and turning it into something that they get to do.

Create your own problem-based simulation game for a concept in your class! One of the best features in Classcraft is its focus on collective accountability. Just like in other Role Playing Games, students are encouraged to work together in teams and are accountable to their teammates. As a result, it’s more difficult for students who might try to slack off or fly under the radar. Classcraft is a potentially powerful tool for changing the way that students interact with the content and with each other. It will take a bit of time upfront, but the rewards will be worth it.

Create, play and share fun learning games for any subject, for all ages, for free! Great for quick, formative assessments, warmups, exit tickets.

Breakout EDU games teach critical thinking, teamwork, complex problem solving, and can be used in all content areas. We created this Breakout EDU Kit to get you going and hopefully answer questions you might have.

I ordered our kit and it will arrive any day!