A transcript is a record of a students courses, grades and graduation status.

An official transcript must come directly from the JHS Counseling Office. The majority of transcripts are sent electronically via Naviance and edocs.

**Transcripts will not be sent until all grades are finalized. This is usually in February for Mid-Year and June for final transcripts. ***

Requesting a Transcript from JHS

Click THIS LINK for current JHS students to request a transcript for admission to a college or university.

NCAA/NAIA and Scholarships

Click on THIS LINK to access information on the steps for current JHS students to request a transcript for athletics or scholarships.

DMACC Transcript Request

Click on THIS LINK to learn how to request DMACC transcript (dual enrollment or career academy)

If you are a former JHS student, please complete this Former JHS Student Transcript Request Form. Please note: To protect your records and confidentiality, all transcript requests must be made using the request form - no phone requests or voice messages will be processed. Thank you!

Please contact the JHS Counseling Office if you have any questions at 515-278-0779.