A transcript is a record of a students courses, grades and graduation status. 

An official transcript must come directly from the JHS Counseling Office.  The majority of transcripts are sent electronically via Naviance and edocs. 

**Transcripts will not be sent until all grades are finalized. This is usually in February for Mid-Year and June for final transcripts. ***

If you are a former JHS student, please complete this Former JHS Student Transcript Request Form. Please note: To protect your records and confidentiality, all transcript requests must be made using the request form - no phone requests or voice messages will be processed. Thank you!

Please contact the JHS Counseling Office if you have any questions at 515-278-0779.

Requesting a Transcript from JHS

Click  THIS LINK  for current JHS students to request a transcript for admission to a college or university.

NCAA/NAIA and Scholarships

Click on THIS LINK to access information on the steps for current JHS students to request a transcript for athletics or scholarships.

DMACC Transcript Request

DMACC Transcripts need to be requested directly from DMACC and should be requested AFTER all DMACC grades have been entered to ensure the transcript is complete.