West Jackson Elementary School will inspire and empower all students to engage and excel in the opportunities of a global society.


WJES students can ask questions, think critically and creatively, and work with others to solve problems in their lives, in our community, and in the world.

Students at West Jackson Elementary have many opportunities to explore STEAM through environmental and agricultural education experiences. Students have opportunities to engage in daily learning experiences that connect to the world around them through a variety of outdoor and indoor spaces including an aquaponics garden, hydroponics towers, greenhouse, butterfly house and garden, multiple raised gardens for herbs and vegetables, livestock areas, ponds, and a nature trail with outdoor classrooms. As a community school, we leverage many business and industry partnerships to deepen the learning and provide real-world experiences for students, including service learning and entrepreneurship.

WJES embraces an integrated approach to SEL and STEAM, utilizing a GOSA Community Partnership Grant to bring all of these pieces together to build our STEAM culture. Through our Fine Arts Partnerships and the 7 Mindsets school-wide SEL curriculum, we are working to build a common language throughout the school for embracing positive mindsets, process based thinking through Design Thinking, and embracing the arts as a means for students to express creativity, articulate emotions, and explore content standards.