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Downloadable Activities for Students and Parents

Videos and Activities for Educators, Parents and Volunteers


Watch the videos and help your student with the activity.

Middle School

Follow up with students to discuss what they learned.

JA Connect Educator and Volunteer Resources

New, self-guided, on demand digital resources are available to enhance and extend student learning for specific JA Programs. Select an activity to share with students as a pre-program, in class, or follow-up to your JA Program.

Middle School and High School Career Speaker Videos

Explore the various career clusters to watch a video(s) to learn more about a career. After watching the video complete the assignment as directed. The assignment is found under the Assignment Tab

JA Hand in Hand Video Series

JA Hand in Hand video series allows students to learn foundational financial literacy concepts and videos support learning for all students through American SIgn Language, close captioning, and audio.

JA Hand in Hand

JA Our Neighbors™

JA Our Neighbors is a video series that introduces K-5 students to careers, entrepreneurship, and an understanding of money. The site is broken down into four units with two grade bands, K-2 and 3-5. Each session includes a video and an accompanying discussion guide.

JA Our Neighbors

JA Money Quiz

Put your financial intelligence to the test with Junior Achievement’s Money Quiz! Each time you take the quiz, the questions will be different, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn more and improve your score.

JA Money Quiz

JA Economics Resources

Informational website with COVID-19 focus.

Self-guided activities and videos

Teacher resources