49° Incontro di Grammatica Generativa

Pavia, Italy

22-23 February 2024

The 49° Incontro di Grammatica Generativa (IGG49) will be hosted by the University School for Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia (Italy) on February 22-23, 2024. 

The Incontro di Grammatica Generativa, which has almost reached its half-a-century anniversary, brings together contributions on theoretical aspects of syntax, semantics, morphology, and phonology within the framework of generative grammar.

IGG49 will be preceded by a Pre-conference Workshop on February 21, 2024: Theoretical and Experimental Pragmatics.

Conference Format

All communications will be in person.

The official language, of both the main conference and the pre-conference workshop, is English.

The events

IGG49 Conference

The IGG49 Conference will be held at the University School for Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia, Pavia (Italy).
The Pre-conference Workshop will be held at the same venue, at IUSS Pavia, Pavia (Italy).

Conference Invited Speakers

Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz


Richard S. Kayne 

New York University, USA

Pre-conference Workshop Invited Speaker

Scientific Committee

Valentina Bambini

Valentina Bianchi

Cristiano Chesi

Denis Delfitto

Alessandra Giorgi 

Matteo Greco

Maria Rita Manzini 

Andrea Moro

Cecilia Poletto 

Ian Roberts

Chairs of the Organizing Committee

Valentina Bambini

Cristiano Chesi

Matteo Greco

Andrea Moro

Ian Roberts

Organizing Committee

Valentina Bambini

Chiara Barattieri di San Pietro

Luca Bischetti

Veronica Bressan

Cristiano Chesi

Achille Fusco

Matteo Greco

Davide Mocci

Andrea Moro

Sofia Neri

Ian Roberts

Sarah Rossi

Tommaso Sgrizzi

E-mail address for information about the conference: igg49@iusspavia.it

For information about the pre-conference workshop: pragmaticasperimentale@iusspavia.it

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