Islamic School of Grand Rapids

Admissions Policy

  • Registration of new students is on first come first served basis, except for staff children and children with siblings in the school.

  • Children are placed according to their age (number of years as of September 1st).

  • ISGR does not have the facilities to accommodate special needs students (gifted learners and children with learning and physical disabilities).

  • Students coming from other schools must have an overall C average in core subjects (math and English) on their most recent report cards.

  • Students coming from abroad will be assessed in math and English before being placed in the relevant grades based on their age.

  • Registration will not be considered final until full fees are paid and a form requesting the transfer of the official school record from the child's previous school is signed.

  • All new students will be automatically put on a two month probation period.

Admission Procedure

  1. Register your child by completing the online REGISTRATION FORM.

  2. If space is not available then the child will be put on the waiting list until a spot becomes available.

  3. Pay the Registration Fee of $99

  4. Submit a completed KINDERGARTEN READINESS CHECKLIST (filled out by the childcare provider or by parents if the child does not attend a childcare).

  5. Once we have received your payments and documents, we will contact you once a spot has become available. Once you have been contacted by the school then you will be required to submit the APPLICATION FOR NEW STUDENT.