Welcome to the website for the Diplomas Program at the International School of Helsinki.

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Here is an overview of the ISH Diplomas program.


Here is an overview of the courses in the DP.

The Diplomas Division Lead is Mark Kilmer. He can be reached at markk@ishelsinki.fi.

Information about applying to ISH can be found on the school website.

What does Diplomas Program mean?

The ISH Diplomas Program (DP) covers all grade 11 and 12 students in the school. During these years, students prepare to transition out of high school, and they will want to be able to take some evidence of their status as learners with them. The purpose of the Diploma Program at ISH is to help them do this.

The ISH Diplomas programme aims for all students to experience the joy of learning while becoming fully actualised individuals and citizens.

The nature of a student's individual diploma, or evidence of their learning, will depend on the student. All students who earn sufficient credits and complete the Core will receive a High School Diploma. Some students will reach beyond that level to earn IB certificates in some of their courses. Many will take on the challenge of meeting the requirements for an IB Diploma. For other students, in addition to one of these, a portfolio of work from one or more of their courses or the Core will be equally important. The IB Diploma Program works to meet each student's needs.

Learner profile / international mindedness in the DP

In addition to the content and skills acquired in individual courses and via the elements of the DP Core, ISH designs its curriculum to encourage all students to develop the capacities of the IB Learner profile. As the IB website says,

The profile aims to develop learners who are:

 At ISH, we know that these skills and attributes, when applied in balance, will result in academic success and quality of life.

In all aspects of school life, in the classroom and beyond, students will be expected to develop international mindedness as defined by ISH:

Promoting international mindedness is working with students to help them develop the ability to look at things in a broader context. It is about understanding the effects of global events and how they apply to local environments. It is about developing an understanding that the beginning of resolution to world issues is in action, action that is forged by a passion for learning and tempered with an understanding that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

The curriculum of the DP programme and other opportunities will assist students develop attributes of global leadership.

School vision statement and catalysts in the DP

While the results of assessments are important for the DP student, we believe in creating an environment and a set of learning experiences that fulfils the vision statement for the International School of Helsinki: 

We empower our students and inspire each other to take thoughtful action.

Students have full access to the ISH learning catalysts as well.