2021-22 School Year!

Students will access their course work primarily via Google Classroom and Synergy StudentVUE. You can also access teacher daily agendas from the team and department pages linked above.

(Be sure to click on "More" to view all teams and departments)

Welcome to the official Team Sites Web Page for Hill Middle School. This site is separate from the district sponsored website (hill.ipsd.org). This site is specifically designed to house the websites for each team at Hill Middle School. Use the links on the top navigation bar to access each teams' Web Site. Individual teacher sites are shown in the drop-down menus on the top navigation bar. Team sites include a variety of resources that are helpful to both students and parents. Those resources may include individual teacher sites, daily homework, important announcements, and other pertinent classroom resources.


This video will help parents and students navigate Google Classroom. Most students only use the stream, and will sometimes miss things being posted. Parents often can’t access Google Classroom, but often might be helping their children more and need help with how to use it.


On June 8, 2020, the District launched our new student information system, Synergy. Students can access their current grades, messages, schedules, and zoom session links from within the StudentVUE or Synergy.

2021-22 In-Person Bell Schedule

Students will follow their schedule according to the times listed to the right. Please note that Wednesdays are late start and have an adjusted schedule with an 8:20 start time.