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The Indraprastha College for Women has a spacious Library that strives to create a lively and enriching intellectual environment for students, faculty, and staff members. It has a lift for PWBD access. The library is equipped with a High- tech CCTV and Electronic Article Surveillance system to prevent pilferage. A book bank and customized software and reading materials in Braille for the visually challenged are available in the College Enabling Unit. The ICT center with 45 computers is also located in the Library. Its collections cater to both the students’ academic and extra-curricular activities requirements. The library has an institutional membership with DELNET and UGC's N-LIST program. E-Journals and other e-resources subscribed by the Delhi University Library System are accessed in the Library through Delhi-University-Wide-Network and other e-resources are accessed remotely through the UGC N-LIST program. User-friendly fully computerized On-line Library web-OPAC is available for access to students and faculties anywhere (24x7). It has a reading hall with a capacity of 320 members.

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Library Data for SSR - Accreditation Cycle 2

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4.2 Library as Learning Resource

4.2.1 Library is automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)

 Response: Yes, the Library is working under a fully automated environment using LSEase (Web-Centric), Integrated Library       Management System developed by M/s Libsys Ltd

4.2.2 The institution has a subscription for the following e-resources

  1.       E-journals

  2.       E-ShodhSindhu

  3.        Shodhganga Membership

  4.       E-books

  5.       Databases

  6.       Remote access to e-resources

 Response:   The library has subscribed to the institutional membership for accessing all e-resources (e-journals, e-books, databases, e-shodhsindhu etc.

 1.   UGC-NLIST    2.  DELNET   3.       DELHI UNIVERSITY LIBRARY e-resources through the Delhi-University-Wide-Network.

  For remote access of UGC-NLIST e-resources, Library has issued the User IDs and Passwords to students and Faculty.

4.2.3 Average annual expenditure for the purchase of books/e-books and subscriptions to journals/e-journals during the last five years. Response:  INR 12.50 LAKH* (approx.. average amount expend during last 5 years) (*Rounded off)