Downloading calibration data

Downloading and using calibration data

If you want to view and/or use our in-house calibration data, we have made this data available for download. Note that data is specific to the methods, reagents and LED wavelength used. For example there are 2 different calibration data sets for measuring ammonia depending on the type of method used. Note that for the most accurate measurements, we strongly recommend that you make a new calibration data set when using new reagents or commercial kits.

  • Browse to where the downloaded file was saved and click "Open". The Table will load with the calibration data. (Note in this example using the phosphate calibration data the red LED and ppm units are automatically selected). Click on Plot to view the calibration data.
  • Before exporting the data, you need to fit a line to the data. From the Options drop down menu, select 'Fit Type' to fit a curve to the data. For example, Linear, Polynomial (order=2) etc.
  • The next step is to export the data file in the correct format and location on your computer for use with the concentration program. Select the “Options-> Export Test Solution” menu item at the top of the program window. A pop-up widow will ask you to name the file. Enter a name for the file. This file will now be available for use with the concentration program.