Basic program

This program reports the Transmittance and Absorbance measured by the colorimeter for the wavelength(s) of light selected by the user. For an example of a lab using this program see Lab 1: Introduction to Colorimetry.

Procedure: Connect-Calibrate-Measure

With the basic program window open enter the serial port corresponding to your device in the program window and click on the “Connect” button in the lower left-hand side.

Start Screen

Place a cuvette with your ‘blank’ measurement (e.g. water) inside the colorimeter and click “Calibrate”. The data tables will display a value of 1.00 for Transmittance and 0.00 for Absorbance on all color channels. See Calibrating the colorimeter for more information.

Place a cuvette containing your sample inside the colorimeter and click “Measure”. The Transmittance and Absorbance tables will display the measurements corresponding to the selected color channels. In addition, a second window will automatically open, displaying a bar graph of the measurements.

Additional software features

See Software features for more information on these features.

  • Custom wavelengths.
  • Save data at any point after calibration using the “File -> Save” menu item at the top of the program window.
  • Plot on/off. Use checkbox to display or hide plotted data.
  • LED on/off. Use checkbox next to each led to deselect one or more of the leds at any time after calibration. The program will display values only for the selected color channels.
  • Change sample rate.