Installing the open source software

Download the software for your choice of Operating System (Windows, Mac or Linux). For Windows and Mac OS the files are provided as pre-compiled binaries so that they can be launched immediately after download.


Pre-compiled binary (version 0.2) for Windows -


Pre-compiled binary for Mac OS X (10.8 and greater) -

Python Source Package (Recommended for Linux)

Source package for Python software. Includes serial communications library and a suite of GUI based programs for using the colorimeter. Installation instructions can be found on this page.

Software Overview

The software suite is divided into 3 standalone programs:

  • Basic program - Measures absorbance at multiple wavelengths and plots data as a bar graph
  • Plotting program - Measures absorbance at one wavelegth and plots graph of absorbance versus concentration
  • Concentration program - Measures concentration (ppm or uM)