Donna Vallese is a skillful leader who gladly shares her strengths, knowledge, and experiences with others. She was my supervisor for my district level administrative internship this past summer and I learned a great deal each week. She leads without an ego and uplifts others by offering authentic feedback and planting seeds regarding leadership. I was able to participate in several substantial initiatives and work with a plethora of people I normally would not have had access to. She's truly a taskmaster who brings people together and gives them a chance to take the lead on projects or offers to be a thought partner. She is also the first administrator who has openly discussed pursuing a Ph.D. with not only me, but her other interns.  This is my 19th year working for SCSD and she is the first supervisor to ever make it seem like a reality.  Now that I'm off to my second internship, it seems slow to start because I had such a rich and challenging experience with Donna all summer. 

Jenniffer Benedetto, Vice Principal

Donna is so supportive and knowledgeable! She has so much experience and insight to share when coaching leaders!

Kelly Hutson, Instructional Coach

In my work with Dr. Donna, I have been focusing on (1) meaning making in my specific design role by unraveling emerging insights, (2) testing and retesting emergent design ideas, and (3) more broadly, grounding all of my work in my vision and values – and, therefore, teasing out those pieces a bit more concretely.  Working with Dr. Donna has been open and reflective, free and responsive, affirming and creative.You truly have the opportunity to bring any work or challenge, idea or dream to a safe space to dig in and navigate and make meaning. The results will be additional clarity and intentional action!

Tara Seibel, Program Design Lead