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Why should learning in school look and feel much more like the process of learning how to ride a bicycle?  Dr. Donna addresses this question in her TEDx Talk.  Ultimately, we live in a global society that requires students to be able to think critically, problem solve, and be creative.  This is best done through teaching and learning that focuses on conceptual understanding rather than knowledge acquisition.  We have decades of research on how children learn that continue to be untapped in most classrooms.  Due to having access to the internet in our pockets, there is no longer a need to be hyper-focused on memorizing exponential amounts of information.

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Written by Dr. Donna Vallese on May 21, 2021

Change is inevitable, but adults do not always like change. As a leader, getting all of your staff on board is not an automatic process that works by just announcing the change. It is common for some adults to resist.

Written by Dr. Donna Vallese on July 26, 2021

As a leader, providing ongoing feedback is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a supervisor. Sometimes providing feedback can be uncomfortable because it can lead to having some hard conversations. Many times we would rather not give the feedback and pray that the performance we are seeing will improve on its own until it is too late. Avoidance will only allow the problem to continue and will instill bad habits.