About Us

Inspiring Leaders, llc

Inspiring Leaders LLC was started in 2020 by Dr. Donna. This coaching business was birthed out of the rebranding of her life and leadership coaching business called Learning Image. Dr. Donna provides coaching, workshops, and other trainings for educational leaders. She also has built a global network of instructional leaders who meet regularly to problem solve, relationship build, and learn together across the nation.


Inspiring Leaders LLC seeks to build capacity in leaders so that they can empower , inspire, and transform their teams in order to bring their organizational mission and vision to fruition.


Inspiring Leaders LLC provides programs, workshops, coaching and other related services to support the development of leadership competencies and mindsets for leaders at all levels.

Dr. Donna Vallese

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Donna has over a decade of leadership experience. While her profession has been education for the last two decades. She is a Certified Professional Coach through iPEC, ia certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, and holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. A large part of her experience includes providing training, professional development, program oversight and evaluation, and coaching within organizations. She has been part of turnaround and transformational work as well as start up work.

While Inspiring Leaders is her side business, her full time job is Director of Learning & Continuous Improvement for Greene Central School District. In her spare time she:

  • is the co-founder, leader, president, and piccolo player of UNiTY Street Band

  • is the co-organizer of Salt City Honk! Festival

  • provides leadership and instructional coaching for the Ruth Hassell Thompson Institute of Civic Engagement by CREW (Civically Re-Engaged Women).

Dr. Donna operates on the belief that leadership is not positional. Leadership is the act of making the lives of others better and requires a set of complex competencies and powerful mindsets that support the growth and development of people and organizations. A leader makes or breaks an organization and Dr. Donna strives to help leaders assets to their organizations by building their capacity.