Providing a Global Network for Instructional Leaders to support them in making revolutionary shifts in education to drastically improve student outcomes.

Leadership is not positional, it is an everyday act of improving the lives of others.

Leadership is a set of competencies, skills, and mindsets that guide our actions.

What a leader does makes a difference; a leader can make or break an organization. Great leaders know how to lead a team to make their organizational mission and vision to fruition.

"People do not quit their jobs, they quit their bosses."

Year after year, Wegman's, a grocery store chain in New York State, makes the top 100 Places to Work by FORTUNE Magazine. How is it that a company, a grocery store chain no less, makes it to the top 100 places to work while keeping customers happy and coming back? They invest in and support their employees. They believe that if you support your employees they will take care of the customer.

At Inspiring Leaders, we strive to support you in improving your organization by supporting and developing your employees in a way that empowers them to be excellent at meeting the needs of the clients of the organization. Working with adults in an organization is complicated and challenging. We strive to help leaders at all levels to build the skills necessary and to understand the intricacies of an organization so that they can imagine, invest, and innovate in ways that improve not only their leadership but the outcomes of the organization. It is a win-win for everyone when you work with Inspiring Leaders.

We are never truly finished learning how to lead; learning to lead is a lifelong process.

Inspiring Leaders LLC is here to support you in growing your transformative leadership so that you can grow a team of leaders who will bring your organization to the next level.