1-2 day workshop experiences we design for both students and educators


We conduct workshops on Design - Innovation & Making for school students and educators. The purpose of these workshops is to introduce the topics of design process and innovation, and to get the participant comfortable in the task of making.

Our workshops are held for a 1 or 2 day period. The contents & curriculum are customized as per our partner's request.

Workshop Content Structure

A workshop structure is usually as follows:

a. Introduction to Design & Innovation

An introduction to design and innovation is given by discussing case studies involving problem statements and solutions. Discussions are also held on existing native student innovations through story cards or viewing of actual prototypes.

b. Brainstorming & Ideation

Conducted as individual or group activities, students and/or educators brainstorm on ideas and solutions for a very open or a specific topic. Topics may be decided with the partner representatives. Ideas and solutions are collected as drawings along with student's explanations.

c. Design Plan - Make - Present

Participants are required to design plan by drawing how an idea would look and work, and make a product for a given problem scenario. The product maybe prototyped with suitable materials / electronics or maybe a representative model using paper/cardboard/plastic etc. Following which, students engage in cross-learning via presentation of their solutions.

Partnership Process

During the partnership process, 4 broad themes are discussed

  1. Timeline & Schedule
  2. Budget
  3. Content
  4. Materials

Our partner representatives and us choose and co-create the workshop contents. We finalize on the workshop plans, lesson-plans, timelines and materials. The workshop is executed either by us or the partner representatives depending upon the the chosen mode of implementation.