Program Overview

An overview of all our programs.

Inqui-Lab engages the following four interventions.

1. Workshops


We offer customized workshops for both middle school students and educators. A workshop structure is usually as follows:

a. Design & Innovation

b. Ideation

c. Making Activities

To know more see the video and click on "Workshop Details".

2. Innovation Cycles Program

Innovation Cycles Program

The Innovation Cycles Program is a long term program conducted in partnership with a school or a representative. Its aimed for students in classes 6 - 9th standard.

The program aims to

  1. Ingrain creative confidence
  2. Build a culture of making & problem-solving
  3. Make Design Thinking a practiced habit
  4. Showcase student-led projects

To know more see the video and click on "Innovation Cycle Details".

3. Low Cost Maker Space

Low Cost Maker Space (Pilot Mode)

Our Low Cost Maker Space is an evolving tinkering space which provides participants access to tools and basic materials to design, make, prototype, and test ideas.

First, basic infrastructure including space, cross disciplinary materials and tools are set up to start the tinkering process. Next, a touch-point and online process for effective use of the Maker Space is established. Finally a structure for monitoring the usage of the space is laid down.

This is currently being piloted at Mantra 4 Change, Bangalore.

4. Innovation Toolkit

Innovation Toolkit Program (Pilot Mode)

Currently in an experimental mode, this program was a result of three questions :

"What can lead to a culture of design and innovation in school?"

"What systems and structures does a school need to promote design, innovation?"

"How can we ensure a culture of making can be incorporated in a school system?"

Rather than an outsider present in school to conduct workshops or innovation cycles, we work as in insider, closely with the school staff and students.