Glimpses of Inqui-Lab workshops in 2018-19 Academic Year

Introduction to the Design & Student Innovation

8 Student Revolutionaries from the Kids Education Revolution and 12 Educators were introduced to the 5-Step Design process.

They witnessed strong examples of student innovation and prototyped student ideas such as a fruit plucker for high branches, laptop heat sensor, rotating cleaning brush etc

Introduction to Student Innovation & Making

48 Students from two Budget Private Schools, Adam High School & MA Ideal School in Hyderabad brainstormed new ideas like placing a warning color in a pen-refill to indicate that it is about to finish.

They also had a quick maker workshop wherein they made a mini-water dispenser using an air-pump. This was done in association with Loop Education.

Innovation Cycle - Implementation Training

12 Student-Educator pairs were introduced to our 5-Step Inquilab Design process and experienced an Innovation Cycle themed around Upcycling.

Some of the participants will be recreating this experience within their classrooms between Sept-Nov 2018.

Govt Residential School for the Deaf, Malakpet

Introduction to Ideation & Making Skills

Collaborative tasks around problem-solving and creation was a new learning experience for these children.

They shared their ideas through sign language, intricate illustrations and showed a strong inclination towards making.

We aim to ensure our future programs remain inclusive for them. This was done in association with Youth 4 Jobs.

Video from shravanganesh243